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AH Wipe

What it does:

A very useful ACE2 AddOn. Ah Wipe adds a reset button to the browse frame of your Auction House, so you can easily reset it to the default view. Very handy if you did a search on eg. weapons, level 40-55, epic before and wanted to search for something different after this. The AH always remember your last search, even if you close it, so you would have to clear all edit and dropdown boxes manually. This is something that Bizzard never fixed in World of Warcraft. This Addon solves that problem.

Download Here

NOTE: This Mod is no longer supported.

Version: 2.0.19279


- /ahw -- Displays the command list
- standby -- Toggle to put the addon into standby mode
- show -- Shows or hides the button display

- hidedr -- Shows or hides the DressUp Room on reset
- usable -- Toggle wether to clear the usable items checkbox
- restore -- Restores the button position to its default
- clear -- Same function as the button, for using in macros
- auto -- Automatically resets view on opening AH
- tooltip -- Show or hide the button's tooltip


AH Wipe - World of Warcraft mod


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