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All in One Inventory & Bank - 2.0

What it does:

This is a wildly popular World of Warcraft addon that merges all the slots of your total bags together. This makes it very convenient for you the player and saves you time from clicking each individual bag.

Download here

Use /aioi to bring up the slash commands:

/aioi toggle (shows AIOI)
/aioi includeshotbags (adds the shot bags in AIOI)
/aioi reset (this resets the position of AIOI)
/aioi togglebags # (0=backpack, 1=slot 1... etc) (It toggles which bags to show and hide in AIOI
/aioi scale # (0=off, 1=normal, 2=double the size)
/aioi replacebags (using this will open AIOI instead of all your bags in shop windows and banks. Also replaces the 'Open all bags' Keybinding
/aioi columns # (shows number of columns)
/aioi swapbagorder (puts bag 4 at the top and backpack at the bottom)
/aioi alpha # (0 - 1)(transperancy of AIOI)
/aioi autobags (Allows AIOI to auto. open inventory when at AH/bank/mailbox/trade/vendor)

All in one inventory bank - world of warcraft mod

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