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Atlas v1.12.0

What it does:

Atlas is an user interface for WOW that gives you a number of additional maps as well as an in game map browser.

Download Here

Using the slash command "/atlas" or pressing the mini map icon will open the Atlas window.

The options panel enables you to turn off the icon, toggle an Auto Select feature, toggle the Replace World Map feature, toggle the Right-Click feature, switch the icon's position, and change the transparency of the main window.

If the Auto Select feature is on, Atlas will instantly open to the map you're in. If the Replace World Map feature is on, Atlas will open up instead of the world map when you are in an instance. If the Right-Click feature is turned on, you can Right-Click on Atlas to open up the World Map. You can also move Atlas around by left-clicking and dragging. The little padlock icon in the upper-right corner is used to lock the window in place.

Atlas - World of Warcraft mod

Atlas - WOW mod Atlas - WOW mod

How to Install:

Unzip the package into:
...World of WarcraftInterfaceAddOns

Your zip software must preserve directory structures.

If you're having trouble, please visit:


- myAddOns
- CTMod
- Cosmos


Known Issues:

Auto Select does not work in some instances.

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