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AtlasLoot Enhanced

What it does:

AtlasLoot Enchanced is a plugin for a host mod. You will need either Atlas or AlphaMap for it to work!

Download Here

Version: 4.01.05

AtlasLoot Enchanced - World of Warcraft modAtlasLoot Enchanced - WOW ModAtlasLoot Enchanced - WOW Mod

Configuration Menu:
Just type /atlasloot to set your chat link modes and tooltip as well as other options.

Enhanced tooltips:
If you got ItemSync or Lootlink installed, you can use tooltips created by them instead of the default tooltip. Lootlink tooltips is recommended, they handle data not in your local cache well.

Drop Rates:
Drop Rates have been included for all instances.

Chat Links:
Just shift-click items to link in the chat window. Two modes:
Chat Links Safe Mode: Can only link items without the (no iteminfo) tag. There's a small chance of getting disconnected if you have an item in your local cache the server has not seen for a while, but unlikely.

The use of EquipCompare can now be controlled through the options panel.

Dressing Room:
Ctrl-click on 'safe' loot to use the dressing room.

If you want Atlasloot Loot tables in your mod, just call the new function AtlasLoot_ShowBossLoot().

For example: You want to see Lucifron's loot attached to your player's portrait
pFrame = {'TOPLEFT', 'PlayerFrame', 'BOTTOMRIGHT', 0, 0 }
AtlasLoot_ShowBossLoot(MCLucifron, 'Lucifron', pFrame);

pFrame is an array holding how to display the loot.
pFrame = { anchor point, frame to anchor to, relative anchor point, x offset, y offset }

AtlasLoot_ShowBossLoot has the location of the data, text to be shown as the boss name & the pFrame.
AtlasLoot_ShowBossLoot( dataID, Boss Name, pFrame)

Use with fixed price DKP systems:
Edit the file 'dkp.lua' using data from localization.en.lua (for the item ID numbers) and your guild's fixed price values to allow for DKP values to be displayed in the tooltip. The stubs of some Lucifron items have been added to get you started and show you how it's done.


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