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What it does:

AtlasQuest is a plugin for the host mod, Atlas and AlphaMap. You will need Atlas or AlphaMap for AtlasQuest to work! AtlasQuest shows you the Story about this Instance!

Download Here

Version: 4.0.8

Information shown with AtlasQuest:

- Quest Reward
- Quest level
- Quest name
- Where you can get the quest (+coordinates)
- Quest-aim
- The Quest after your current quest
- The level you need to accept the Quest


type /aq [command] or /atlasquest [command]

left/right - show the atlasquest panel on the left or right side (left default)
autoshow --set whether the atlasquest panel is displayed with atlas or not (yes default)
show/hide - shows or hide the atlasquest panel

Questicons are shown on the AtlasQuest panel next to the Quests.

There are 2 possible questicons:
1. An Arrow. The Arrow tells you that the quest above this quest is the prequest. 2. A Bubble. The bubble tells you that this quest has a prequest.

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