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World of Warcraft Auction mods

All WoW mods in this section are auction related. These mods will make your life easier in the Auction House.

Mod name Description
Igor's Mass Auction Post up to 18 Auctions in one click
Easy Auction Remembers the bid & buyout prices for your auctions fills them with the same value you used previously
WOWecon Pricemod Adds Auction House and Vendor prices to tooltips. Constantly updated
Auction Filter Plus Adds a reset button and filters to the Auction house
Fizzwidget's Shopping List A popular mod for heavy auction users
AuctionScan An add-on for Auctioneer. Access your AH data from any computer
AH_Wipe Adds reset button to the browse frame of your Auction House
AuctionLink Search for items in the Auction House by shift-clicking them
Duugu's AH Ignorelist Put Auction House scammers on an ignorelist
AuctionIT Enhances the auction house's functionality plus keeps track of all your auctioning activities

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