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What it does:

AuctionFilterPlus adds a flyout panel of filters & display modifications, plus a reset button, to the Auction House.

Download Here

Version: 20100-2


- Adds a Reset button and a Filter button to the Auction House frame.
- Click the Filter button and a Flyout menu will appear.
- In "Show Best Deals" panel, bolts of cloth and greater essences are valued as their appropriate number of component elements.
- The filter checkboxes on the flyout allow you to limit your AH results or change the display of certain information.
- User can clear Auction House search boxes with a single click.
- User can save filter settings as their default setup, which will persist across sessions, characters, and servers.
- User can clear filter settings with a single click.
- User can clear their settings temporarily and then reload them without relogging.
- Each of the filter checkboxes has an explanatory tooltip.
- Ready for localization (please help do so, if you are French- or German-speaking). You will be credited!
- Works with Auctioneer and KC_Items.

AuctionFilterPlus - World of Warcraft modAuctionFilterPlus - WOW Mod


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