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AuctionScan 4.0

What it does:

AuctionScan is a "Must Have" Add-On for Auctioneer! NOTE: You need Auctioneer installed on your World of Warcraft for this to work!

Download Here

AuctionScan is a World of Warcraft Auctioneer Add On that runs completely outside of the game using Auctioneer LUA files. You must have Auctioneer installed on your World of Warcraft PC in order to obtain the lua data file that this application uses. If you're on the road or at work or anywhere else you may not be able to sign on to WoW, a user is able to pull up specific server prices for items that have been seen in the AH.

AuctionScan is not a WoW Mod, but instead, a self contained application that uses WoW Auctioneer Data files for reporting general info about AH items. You can have your World of Warcraft on one PC with the Auctioneer Mod installed, take the lua file and bring it/send it to your work or friend's computer, and have complete access to your AH data! (Without WoW Installed on it!)

Do comparisons while you are away from WoW to see if it pays to sell the raw materials for Major Mana Pots, or craft the Pots and put them up for Auction at the AH. Is it better to craft that Mooncloth Robe, or sell the Mooncloth Sheets? What do golden pearls go for on your server? AuctionScan can answer all these questions & much more!

AuctionScan can also export your server's LUA file data to a CSV which can easily be imported onto an Excel sheet. The CSV Export can be done in two formats.

1) One Line/Price: This will print one line for each price. You will have multiple items listed and a unique price for each item.

2) One Line/Item: This will print one line for each item and have the multiple prices shown in a new column for each price.

AuctionScan will not work with double-byte characters but should work with almost all languages.

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