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Auctioneer v4.05

What it does:
This awesome plugin gives you in-game information on data that is collated by you at the auction house. You activate the data gathering by two ways: either clicking the "Scan" button on the main page of the Auction House or by typing '/auctioneer scan' manually.

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Auctioneer gives you methods to identify the bargains at the auction house (the percentless and bidbroker commands) by finding price trends & then looking for items that will buyout or bidout for less than the trend data suggests should be it's correct price. By identifying these items, you can play the market. Buying low & then relisting at the market norm.

This plugin also provides you with a database of vendor buy & sell prices, what professions will use the item & stack sizes for a relativly large set (about 7000) of common in-game items. This data is presented when you mouse over an item, and the tooltip appears (Yes, even when looting)

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