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AutoInvite 2

What it does:

This World of Warcraft addon makes it is possible to invite a complete group setup with just one key. Yup, it is possible to invite a player from your standard raid group with one click. The players to invite can be imported by copy & paste with a CSV list. This list can be generated by a website or anything else you use. The groupsetups can also be saved and loaded by the mod. AutoInvite 2 can move players in the defined groups.

Download here

NOTE: This Mod has not been Updated by the author.

Version 1.35

The main screen can be opened with the command /ai show or with the key defined in the Key Bindings menu from World of Warcraft.

Please read the rest of the documentation that comes with AutoInvite 2.


AutoInvite2 - World of Warcraft
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