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What it does:

Tired of dying by random trash mobs? Need to know when to go aggro? Then you can't live without this addon!

Download here

Version: r36279

BanzaiAlert! has options for message, sound, Low health frame flashing, and comes with a female voice that says "Aggro" when that is the case. It defaults to printing a red warning to your BigWigs message frame, but can also support SCT5, MSBT, Blizzards FCT & the UIErrorsFrame (in that order, there is no option what to use, it just checks if these mods are installed and uses them), where it displays "Aggro from Anubisath Guardian!", for example.

It can even notify you when you lose aggro, if you're a tank, for example.
You have the option to disable it when you are playing solo or not.

BanzaiAlert was created as a proof-of-concept implementation for BanzaiLib. It will plug itself into oRA2 as a Participant/AggroAlert module if available.

BanzaiAlert - World of Warcraft modBanzaiAlert - WOW mod

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