World of warcraft mods

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World of Warcraft bar mods

All WoW mods in this section are bar related.

Mod name Description
Bongos An action bar replacement. Easy installation & low memory
Castingbar Timer Displays how much time is left in your spell being cast or channelled
Spelltips Modify your tooltips to show you precisely how much damage or healing a spell will really do
Sage Unit Frames A simple unitframe alternative
Flexbar Add as many buttons as you need and where you need it
Healbot Allows for twenty key+mouse combinations to cast any beneficial spells
Cooldown Count Tells you the exact number of seconds, minutes or hours until an action button is ready to be used again
Reputation displays reputation in numeric or percentage values
Wdn.statbars Proves a nice experience bar, durability bar and a honor bar
Titan Cloth Tracker An addon for Titan Panel. Keeps track of the different cloths you have
Gonffbar An energywatch type bar

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