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Bid Master 0.53

What it does:

Bid Master is a World of Warcraft mod that lets raid leaders (or any others) the ability to auction items using Vickery DKP systems (i.e. highest bidder wins the item for second highest bid (+1, if option is chosen)). It also integrates with Raid Tracker to automatically add items, their looter plus cost.

Download here

How to use it:

It's quite easy, just type:
/bid minimum [item link]

For example: /bid 60 [Cold Snap]

A window will then open up giving you details of current bidders, also with X buttons to remove bids if necessary. By default, you are given 40 seconds to bid. All others can whisper the auction holder a number (note, it must be "67" for example, rather than "67 dkp" - it will inform the bidder if there is a problem though). Others can also ask the auction to pause by saying "hold" in a whisper, & cancel their bids by saying "cancel". You can change your bid once it is made just by giving another number.

At the end of the duration, a winner will be announced (if there is one). If 2 or more players share the highest bid, they will be asked to rebid.


The Configurations are hidden in the .lua file, and is as follows:

- BidMaster_Constant_Duration = 60;
- BidMaster_Constant_Offset = true;
- BidMaster_Constant_Channel = "RAID";
- BidMaster_Constant_LastCall = 20;
- BidMaster_Constant_ChannelNum = 1;
- BidMaster_Constant_UseRaidTracker = false;

If you run the modded raid tracker and use it, change 'BidMaster_Constant_UseRaidTracker' to true. 'BidMaster_Constant_Offset' notifies the system whether to use the +1 offset or not. 'BidMaster_Constant_Duration' changes the length of the auction, and 'BidMaster_Constant_LastCall' specifies when a 'Last call for [item].' message will be sent.

When an auction finishes, an addon message will be sent out to all in the raid. If their raid tracker option is on, it will attempt to add the item that was won in to the tracker. So, if you take care of DKP tracking, you don't have to do the auctions yourself (you can if you want though), as the items will be added automatically to the current raid whether you take bids or not.

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