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BigWigs ThaddiusArrows

What it does:

BigWigs_ThaddiusArrows assumes that the raid is clumped at the beginning of Phase2. It then tells the positive charged players to split to the left, & the negatively charged players to split right. From this point 1 of 2 strategies can be used:

Run Through Strategy - This strategy involves simply running through Thaddius to switch sides if your Polarity has changed.

Circular Strategy - This strat involves everyone in the raid rotating 90 degrees when a polarity shift occurs. If your polarity is unchanged you move left, if your polarity has changed you move to the right. Since everyone moves, there is a less likely chance to be ZAP issues caused by lagged/dc'd people in the middle of the group.

Download here

Version R24496

BigWigs ThaddiusArrows - World of Warcraft mod

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