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What it does:

Bongos is an action bar replacement for World of Warcraft and was created to be both low memory, and simple to install.

Download Here

Version: 1.8.2

What Bongos comes with:

Bongos - The core Bongos addon. It breaks up the main actionbar into movable, customizable parts.

Bongos_ActionBar - Breaks up the main actionbar into movable parts.

Bongos_Stats - A replacement for the regular FPS display that shows FPS, latency and memory usage.

Bongos_XP - A movable reputation/experience bar

Bongos_CastBar - A movable castbar with the capability to show cast time.

Bongos_Options - A dynamically loaded configuration menu for Bongos.

Bongos_RollBar - Makes the frame for rolling on items adjustable.

Bongos - World of Warcraft modBongos2 - WOW Mod

Bongos Features

Action Buttons


Sticky Bars

Movable Menu, Bag, Key Pet, Class, and Roll Bars

Commands & Configurations:

For Options, type /bob or /bongoo.

Slash Commands

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