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Call To Arms, LFG AddOn

What it does:

Search for players and groups
This feature shows you a list of all the people who are looking to join a group and groups who are currently looking for more players. This is a global list that shows players & groups from all over Azeroth.

Search for more players for your group
Call to Arms lets group leaders create a profile of their group. This profile includes a description, the maximum size of the group plus the level range of the group members. Group leaders can also set the class distribution of the group members. This info is posted on the global list so that other users can view it.

Flag yourself as LFG
You enter a short description of the desired quest/instance etc. that you would like to do. This info is placed on the same list that is viewable by all other users globally.

Call to arms even has a blacklist feature which is a list of people that are not allowed to join your party. The blacklist also acts as an extended ignore list.

Download here

Version: SYL-09

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