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Cash Notify 1.12

What it does:

Cash Notify provides textual feedback when a
character spends or gains money, via the chat.

Download Here

NOTE: Mod is no longer updated by the author.

You no longer have to wonder exactly how much you just spent
on those 10 items that you just bought from a merchant, or how
much you looted from a corpse (whilst ungrouped), as it's
right there for you to view!

Notifications are toggled on/off via various key-bindings or by a simple '/cn' or '/cashnotify' slash-command, you can change the colour of notifications (see '/cn ?' for full syntax), which chat frame they'll be shown in, whether transactions you make at a merchant are individually "summarised" or "itemised" when you close the frame & your
settings are saved for the next time you play WOW.

Cash Notify supports the 'myAddOns' addon (as an optional dependency).


Cash Notify - World of Warcraft mod


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