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CasterWeaponSwapper 1.91

What it does:

CasterWeaponSwapper swaps weapons based on your current amount of mana, to maximize mana efficiency. Using this mod, you can start fights w/ a high intellect staff equipped, then switch to a +damage/healing weapon for most of the fight, and then switch to a spirit-heavy staff when you have low mana.

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This AddOn is unique because it does all this automatically, and without interrupting you with a weapon-swap cooldown. Usually when you swap weapons in combat, you would get a 1.5 second global cooldown. CasterWeaponSwapper gets around this by swapping weapons only when you start to cast a spell. This means the cooldowns overlap & you won't experience any interruption. When you're out of combat, there is an option to swap weapons whenever necessary, since there is no swap cooldown.

This AddOn supports one & two-handed weapons, off hand items, and ranged weapons/librams/totems/idols. You can also set up weapon sets for high mana, casting, low mana, and a Druid set. The casting set will only be used when fighting. The Druid set will be used while you are shapeshifted. There's even an option to use the low mana set while you have spirit boosting buffs like Innervate, Evocation, and spirit tap.

To use the CasterWeaponSwapper, type /cws or /casterweaponswapper to open up the configuration panel:
- You can set up the 4 weapon sets by dragging or dropping weapons to the icons.
- You can pick the mana threshold values used for swapping via the sliders.
- You can turn the mod, and some features, on or off using the checkboxes.
- Settings are saved for each character that uses this AddOn.

Once this is set up, you can type /cws on|off|toggle to turn weapon swapping on and off.

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