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World of Warcraft Chat mods

All WoW mods in this section are chat related.

Mod name Description
Elephant Saves Chats in each of its own category
Chatbar Displays a Button Bar for opening chat messages of each type
Cirk's Chatmanager Makes Chat Channels easier to use
IgnoreMore Ignore more than 49 players and more
ClassChannels Creates virtual chat channels for each character class
WoW Instant Messenger Chat Interface
Conversation Manager Sorts out Chats making it easier to use
Forgotten Chat Replaces the default Warcraft whisper system with something better
LinkSnag Makes clickable links out of typed URL's
Call to Arms Shows you a list of all the people who are looking to join a group and groups who are currently looking for more players
QuickChat Assign Hotkeys to your channels
ChatIgnore Ignore a player quickly without having to type out their name in the Ignore box
ReURL Highlights links in chat. Click it to put it in the chat frame edit box for easy copying
BG Message Screening Filters out annoying non-BG associated messages while you're in a battleground
LFG Filter Cuts down on spam

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