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What it does:

This World of Warcraft mod logs the chat for you in the background. It saves the WHISPERS, RAID, YELL, SAY, PARTY, OFFICER and GUILD chats each separately, but also all general chats (Trade, General, LocalDefense, etc) and custom chats you are currently on. When you want to read the logs, simply click on the tiny icon at the top left corner of your chat frame, then pick one of the chat icons on the right.

Elephant is if you want to manage hell tells or simply go AFK for a minute or two. It's also great for Guild Leaders, Officers and Raid Leaders particularly because it restores the chats when you get disconnected.

Download here

version r51609


- Logs your chats in the background.
- Logs up to 1,000 lines for each chat! (default is 161 lines for everything)
- Shows the chats separately in their own colors.
- Restore the chats at login after you logged out or got disconnected.
- Copy the chat & paste it on to other applications.
- Save the chats and the combat log in two different files on your system.

Other stuff:

- Enable or disable logging for each chat.
- Movable frame.
- Slash commands.
- Bind a key to toggle ChatLog.
- People's names in the ChatLog window are clickable.
- Clear the logs separately or all at once.
- Enable or disable logging by default when you join a new channel.
- Elements in the ChatLog window display in their proper color and are clickable.

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