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ChatBar 2.2

What it does:

ChatBar is a World of Warcraft addon that displays a Button Bar for opening chat messages of each type.

Download here

NOTE: Mod has not been updated by author.

A little acsii art for demonstration: [oooooooo]
o - Buttons, color for each individual chat type, left click to open editbox of that type, right click for type specific options. Initial letter of the type on or above the button.
[ ] - Ends of the bar, right click for options and left click to drag.

Button / ChatType Options:

Leave (Channel)
Print Channel User List - List prints to the default chat frame. Same as "/list #"
Hide This Button - Hide the button for that chat type or channel by name.
Retell (Whisper) - Open whisper to the last player you whispered.
Reply (Whisper) - Open whisper to the last player that whispered you.

ChatBar Options:

Reverse Button Orienation - Toggles button order reversal via sliding.
Vertical Orienation - Toggles horrizontal/vertal bar via sliding.
Text On Buttons - Toggles chattype abrev on/next to the buttons
Show Button Text - Toggles chattype abrev visibility
Hide Addon Channels - Hide Sky, CTA & CTRA channel buttons
Hidden Buttons - Subpanel for showing manually hidden buttons
Use Channel ID On Buttons - Toggles using the channel index or the 1st letter of the channel name
Button Message Flashing - Toggles button flashing when you receive another player's message of that type
Show Bar Border - Toggles show/hide the bar background/border. Remember, you can still click on the ends of the bar when it's hidden
Reset Position - Attaches the ChatBarFrame to above the ChatFrame1 tab
Reorder Channels - General, Trade, LookingForGroup, LocalDefense, WorldDefense, GuildRecruitment, etc.

Chatbar - World of Warcraft mod


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