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Cirk's Chatmanager

What it does:

Chat channels are probably the most used medium for communication in WOW, so why did Blizzard make them so agonizing to use? Chatmanager is an Addon that aims to make it easier to use chat channels by providing the most commonly used (and not so commonly used) features all in one simple window.

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Version: 2.2.0

Chatmanager slash commands:

/chatmanager help displays help options.
/chatmanager show presents the main Chatmanager window.
/chatmanager hide this command hides the main Chatmanager window.
/chatmanager toggles the display of the main Chatmanager window.
/chatmanager options displays the Chatmanager options window.
/chatmanager reset window resets the Chatmanager window positions.
/chatmanager reset order resets the channel list ordering to that of the client.
/chatmanager reset color resets the colours of all the chat channels to their default.
/chatmanager reset all resets the channel list ordering, chat colours and window position..
/chatmanager list lists all known player notes for this server to your chat window.
/chatmanager note <player> [note] this command lets you to edit the note for a player.
You can also use /chatman instead of /chatmanager.


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Chatmanager's Features:

The Chatmanager Window:

The Chatmanager window shows all your current chat channels, and for each channel shows a number of options (below the channel list) and a list of all players on the channel (to the right of the channel list).

For each channel you can set whether you want the password (if there is one) to always be used for that channel, whether the channel is sticky (that channel becomes the default for text entry until you change it to something else) or not, or change the channel text color. You can also moderate or unmoderate the channel (if you are the owner or moderator) via the Moderate button.

Right-clicking on the channel name allows you to change the ordering of your channels (for example, change which channel number the channel is assigned to), change the channel text color, or leave a channel if you want to. Right-clicking on an empty channel entry lets you to select to join a new channel, or to rejoin a channel you have recently left (since you last logged in). You can also join a new channel using the /join command just as you would normally, and Chatmanager will assign the new channel to an available channel number. If you use /join with a password, Chatmanager will also automatically recognize this and show the password in its window.

Left-clicking on a player's name in the player list will try and target them (if they are in range), and right-clicking on them will give you a list of options relating to that player. You can do most of the member-related management you'll need from here.

You can also assign short notes to any person in a channel to help you remember information about them, such as to record the main name of alternate characters, trade skills, etc. These notes are displayed when you mouseover the player's name in the channel list, and will also be shown in the chat message you see when a player joins a channel (if channel announcements are enabled). You can also add or edit notes for offline players via Chatmanger's slash commands (see below).

The Chatmanager button:

Chatmanager shows a small button which you can use to hide or show the main Chatmanager window. By default this button is placed above the chat menu button to the left of your main chat window, but you can drag it where ever you want on the screen using the CTRL key. You can also bind this to a key to easily hide and show Chatmanager when you want..

This button can be hidden via the Chatmanager options window.

Chatmanager Options:

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