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Class Channels 1.6

What it does:

This World of Warcraft mod creates virtual chat channels for each character class as well as 4 predefined role-based channels: DPS, Casters, Tanks and Healers. These virtual channels use the new addon communication functionality of patch 1.12. In essence, they "ride" on top of the guild and raid channels.

Download here

For base functionality you just install the addon. You automatically join the appropriate channels based on your character class. Chatting in the channels uses a short slash command such as /ma for mages or /dr for druids. You can join other class-based or role-based channels (handy if you're playing an alt & want to stay in touch with your friends) and you can even create custom channels if you want.

In default, class-based channels transmit over both the guild and raid channels. You can stop this by putting 'r' or 'g' to the slash command used for the channel. So if I commonly type /dr to talk to all my druid buddies, I can type /rdr to talk only to the druids in the same raid with me or /gdr and only my druidly guild friends will see my message.

Class Channels makes extensive use of slash commands and there's a chance that there might be a conflict with another mod's commands. For this reason, the slash commands used by Class Channels are 100% customizable. You can create more aliases for your channels if you like or remove slash commands that are interfering with another mod.

All of this mod's options are available through the /ClassChan command (or /cc if that one is not already in use)

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