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World of Warcraft Combat mods

All WOW mods in this category is related to combat or to the combat interface.

Mod name Description
Scrolling Combat Text Gives you critical information during battles in the form of scrolling text above your character model
Banzai Alert Popular Combat mod tells you when to go aggro
Kombatstats A mod for stat lovers in the middle of combat
MetaHud Adds a HUD to your UI, showing all the stats normally displayed by the Player and Target frames plus much more
Chronometer Tracks spell effects that you casted
Watchtower Announce all pertinant information about invaders to your party or allies
Party Target Gives you information about your party member's target
SMH - Simply magical Healer Heal using the minimal rank spell to heal those in most need of healing
Healcap Captures healing casted on you & displays the data
Armormeter Shows you the effects of armor reducing spells on the mob you target
Vassist Set up to six main tanks & adds windows to your interface which shows the name and health of the tank's target
Arcane Party Bars See what your party members are casting
Hostelbar Shows the cast bar of your enemies
Casterweaponswapper Swaps weapons based on your current amount of mana, to maximize mana efficiency
Fightback Trigger your auto attack on any hostile mob that attacks you! Great when you're AFK a lot

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