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Conversation Manager

What it does:

This World of Warcraft mod was created to help sort out the mess of text that one can accumulate when chatting in guild, raid, a couple channels, and getting five whispers at a time.

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Version: 0.7.0-20100

The main window is pretty much self explanatory. Possible 'conversations' you can have are listed on the left side: Party chat, raid chat, officer chat, guild chat, channels, and whispers from other people. Clicking on one of them will give you your conversation history with them in the frame on the right side. This is an EditBox (though editing is not permitted), so you can select and copy from it, but the downside is you are unable to click on links inside of it. A separate links panel is available on the side for clickable links.

The history is saved between sessions, to help against missed chat say if you Away From Keyboard and timeout, or get disconnected. Crashes would not be protected against though since variables won't get saved on a crash. The history is also kept on a per-realm basis, so one can easily continue on a chat with a player when you have switched characters.

When a message is received, either in channel, guild chat, or a whisper, that item will blink (if the option is enabled) to tell you a message has arrived. By default, blinking is only enabled for Whispers and Channels.

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