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Duugu's AH Ignorelist

What it does:

This World of Warcraft Addon prevents you from inadvertently bidding/buying (eg 99g/99s scammers). Right click an auction to add the seller to your auction house ignorelist. To remove a seller from your auction house ignore list just right click again on one of his auctions. Auctions started by ignored sellers are visible as usual but not selectable. The auction house browse list shows ignored players in red.

The ignore list and the settings are saved per character.

Download Here

NOTE: Mod is no longer supported by the author.

Version: 1.0


/dahi list - Displays user's auctions house ignore list

/dahi PlayerName - adds player 'playername' to your auction house ignore list.
Another /dahi PlayerName removes the player from the list.

/dahi auctioneer - turns Actioneer scanning for auctions from ignored players',
on/off (default=on - Actioneer scans auctions from ignored players.

/dahi del - clears ignore list completely

/dahi help - shows help

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