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EkBomb 1.49

What it does:

EkBomb displays a gigantic attention sign warning in the center of your screen when you get certain "bomb" type debuffs. These are debuffs where you either want to run away from the rest of the raid, or stop whatever you are doing immediately.

You have options to play a sound when the window appears, make the window flash slowly, plus change the opacity, scale, and colours. Each debuff warning can be turned on individually, and there is a test button to try it out at any time.

Download here

The debuffs currently supported by this addon are:

- Burning Adrenaline (Vaelastrasz the Corrupt, Blackwing Lair)
- Corrupted Healing (Nefarian, Blackwing Lair)
- Plague (Anubisath Defender, Temple of Ahn'Qiraj)
- Threatening Gaze (Bloodlord Mandokir, Zul'Gurub)
- Living Bomb (Baron Geddon, Molten Core)
- Mutating Injection (Grobbulus, Naxxramas)

Command summary:

/ekbomb reset -- Reset position of configuration window.
/ekbomb -- Open the EkBomb configuration window.
/ekbomb help -- Display this command summary.
/ekbomb test -- Test bomb warning window.

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