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EkRaidAttend 2.67

What it does:

This addon's job is to record the names of the players in a raid at a given time. It can do this automatically with a timer or when a boss is killed, or it can be done manually by you whenever you want. Also, it can record the main character name of a player if they were playing the game using an alternate character at the time. You can have EKRaidAttend record only the names of those in the current zone, and you can choose the option of recording the names of players that are offline.

Download here

Once an attendance list has been saved by the addon, you can copy it to the addon's notepad. By selecting the text in the notepad & pressing Ctrl-C, you can copy the character names to the Windows clipboard. The contents of the clipboard can then be pasted onto an input form on a DKP web page, or pasted into a text editor, etc. There are also buttons that will let you delete duplicate names, delete non-guildmember names plus sort the names. You can even create an intersection of attendance lists that contains only the names of those that were on each of the selected lists.

If you have EkWaitList addon installed, then EkRaidAttend can record the names of the people that are on the wait list, either as a separate attendance list, or combined with the names on the main attendance list.

If you have the CT_RaidAssist addon installed, then EkRaidAttend can record the names of the people in the /raresist, /raitem, and /radur windows. This could be used to reward those who meet certain minimum resistances, bring certain quantities of items, etc.

For more detailed information about this addon refer to the index.html file that is included with the EkRaidAttend.

For a list of commands please refer to the included manual.html file, or type: /ekattend help

In order to open the addon's UI window type: /ekattend

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