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EasyRaid 2.6

What it does:

The regular Blizzard Raid UI is pretty but not too convenient. Each time you start a raid, you would have to drag and drop the classes and groups you want to display. EasyRaid solves this issue, your favorite set of groups & classes is automatically displayed (with the Blizzard Raid UI) as soon as you join in on a raid. Also, EasyRaid enhances many aspects of the raid display: auto-ordering and positioning, buffs/debuffs, scaling, attacked player highlighting and a whole lot more.

EasyRaid is the perfect companion for CT_RaidAssist or oRA2 (a CT_RA alternative). It fetches Main Tanks from CT_RA or oRA2, presents them in a wonderful way and reinvents Targets viewing.

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What it features:


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