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EkCTRA MTTargets

What it does:

This World of Warcraft mod enhances the CT_RaidAssist MT Targets group by adding on an optional MT Players group plus an optional MT Pets group. It can even display the raid target icons on the main tank's target & the target's target.

Download here

Version 1.54

Command lines:

/ekctramt [help] -- Displays the command summary.
/ekctramt status -- Displays status of this addon.
/ekctramt toggle -- Enable/Disable this addon.
/ekctramt players -- Toggle MT Players group.
/ekctramt pets -- Toggle MT Pets group.
/ekctramt enable -- Enable the addon.
/ekctramt disable -- Disable the addon.

 EkCTRA MTTargets1 - World of Warcraft mod
 EkCTRA MTTargets2 - WOW mod

 EkCTRA MTTargets3 - WOW mod

Additional Info:

The MT Players group can display the name, mana, health and buffs of the main tanks. The MT Pets group displays the name, health, and mana of the pets (or the mind controlled mobs) belonging to the main tanks.

MT groups can be joined together so that they all line up, or you can divide them so that they can be moved independently. When joined, you can move all of the MT groups around at the same time by left clicking on an MT group title and dragging it with your mouse.

To adjust the order of the MT groups when they are joined, you need to unjoin them, drag them into the left-to-right order that suits you the best, and then join them together again.

There's an option for the MT Players and MT Pets groups to automatically hide when the MT Targets group is hidden away, or you can let them to remain on the screen.

There is also the option to hide the entire MT Pets group if none of the main tanks have a pet, and to hide individual MT Pets boxes if the matching main tank doesn't have a pet.

Unjoined MT groups can either be left where you drag them, or the other MT groups can accordingly arrange themselves with the title of the one you just dragged.

You have the ability to move all of the unjoined MT groups around at the same time by holding the shift key down, left clicking on any MT group title, & dragging it with your mouse.

A right click screen has been added to each of the MT Players, MT Targets, and MT Pets group titles that will let you configure the various options, and hide or show each of the MT groups.

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