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EkCTRA RaidStatus 1.05

What it does:

This World of Warcraft mod adds some enhancements to CT_RaidAssist's Raid Status window.

You can now show a "PVP count" in the raid status window by right clicking on the raid status window and select the "PVP count" menu item. When this item is checked, the number of players in the raid that are flagged for PVP will be shown on a line in the Raid Status window.

Download here


/ekctrars enable -- Enable this addon.
/ekctrars disable -- Disable this addon.
/ekctrars [help] -- Displays command summary.
/ekctrars status -- Displays status of this addon.

To change certain settings, right click on the Raid Status window.

EkCTRA RaidStatus - World of Warcraft mod

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