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What it does:

EzDismount will dismount you when you click on a spell or a herb/ore node (or attack an enemy). You still have to click the action a second time to actually execute it, but its pretty simple to right click a node 2 times & start to loot it.

Download Here

Version: 3.4 hotfixed 0.2

When you visit a flightpath NPC EzDismount will dismount you instantly.

You can also have the mod drop druid shapeshifts when you chat to NPCs (Cat, Bear, Travel form & Moonkin supported)

Can also cancel Shaman GhostWolf spell

After installing it, type /ezd for the options or /ezd help for command list

Available macro functions :

- To force a dismount :

/script EzD_getdown();

- To check if you have a buff :

/script EzD_buffexist('buffname')

- To cancel a buff :

/script EzD_drop('buffname');

EzDismount - World of Warcraft mod


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