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Fizzwidget ShoppingList

What it does:

Losing track of all the stuff you're supposed to be looking for? Does your alchemist need Kingsblood today or does he need another item to mix it with? How's your blacksmith doing on gems? Yeah, you could go ask them or send a mail, but that takes valuable time. Keep track of everything with Fizzwidget's ShoppingList.

Download Here

NOTE: This Mod has not been updated by the author and may not work properly.

Version: 2.0

With this useful Addon, your auction agent can conveniently stay on top of all your material needs. If you're also using Auctioneer, it can even help make sure he knows when there's a good deal and when to wait for one.

Please view the README file included in the archive for further documentation.

Fizzwidget ShoppingList - World of Warcraft Mod


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