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What it does:

FonTabulous lets you "jazz up" the default fonts in WoW. Select from an extensive selection of font styles and turn normal WoW into something FonTastic!

Download Here

NOTE: This Mod has not been updated by the author.

Included Fonts :

- Antique Olive
- Daville
- Frutiger
- Insomniax
- Dream
- Dumbledor
- Univers
- XBox 360
- Futura Bold
- Bitstream Vera
- Enigmatic
- Diablo
- Myriad
- SF Archery
- Street Corner
- BlackCastle
- Devla's Selection
- Wacky

To Install:

1) Delete previous versions of FonTabulous or other font mods
2) Unzip contents to your \World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons\ folder, if asked to overwrite files, select YES
3) Run the World of Warcraft
4) Type /ftab and select the font you want
5) Click the Preview button to show a preview of selected font
6) Move Scale slider to change the size of the font
7) Click Apply

Attention - FonTabulous was created for English World of Warcraft. Fonts may not work properly on other language versions, but most EU characters are supported.

To Uninstall:

Delete \Interface\Addons\!!FonTabulous\

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