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Forgotten Chat

What it does:

Forgotten Chat was created to replace the default Warcraft whisper system with something a bit more personal & intuitive.

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Every differant conversation is diverted to it's own customizable Widget for simplistic conversing with multiple players at the same time. Very useful for organizing sales, Instance runs, or just general spam (Up to 6 seperate Widgets can be opened at a single time). It has been described as a MSN style Emulation for the World of Warcraft environment, which seems to be a fairly applicable description.

Forgotten Chat was planned to be as customizable as possible. It is also created as a completely stand alone mod, so there are no nasty dependancies to rely on.

Forgotten Chat1 - World of Warcraft modForgotten Chat - WOW mod


/fc disable
/fc <name>
/fc log
/fc enable

Version: 3.2

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