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What it does:

GonffBar is an energywatch type bar which will, while out of combat, tick down every 2 seconds so you can attempt to time that opener at the exact right moment to get an energy boost. It consists of a constantly cycling bar that fills or empties (according to your setup) over another bar that slowly fills the area as you accumulate combo points.

Download Here

Version: r31892

What makes GonffBar different, however, is that the color of the bar will change, depending on where you have your cursor. If your cursor is over an actionable button, like Sinister Strike, GonffBar will change color according to whether you indeed have enough energy to complete that action. One more thing, during combat, you can set GonffBar to either continuously tick through the 2 second cycle, or have it only update on realtime energy events, so you can tell when you are lagged to hell.

This World of Warcraft mod is very configurable, visually, as you can change the width, height, position, the background, the border, the strata, the level, the color or alpha (transparency) of all the various states (energy, comboPoints, enoughEnergy and comboPointsFull), whether it fills the bar or empties it, and also the orientation of the bar (switch it to vertical for a neat effect). You can choose when it gets shown, Always, Stealthed (and combat), StealthedOnly, and Combat.

Ctrl-RightClick the bar for a config panel.


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