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Seven Good reasons why you should group in World of Warcraft

by Kline

In this article we will be examining why we should group in World of Warcraft. Sure, sometimes it is fun to be a lone wolf and it's understandable if you are anti-social and just like to be by yourself. But there are many good reasons why you should join a group in WoW. The benefits of grouping is enormous.

Trying to complete red or elite quests.

Elite quests are much harder then regular quests but they usually give much better rewards. Red quests mean that you are at a very under the recommended level for that quest, but if you finish these quests they give LOTS more experience then if you were to complete them at the normal level. This is the top reason to group in WoW if you want to gain experience quick.


Dealing with kill/escort quests.

When you do these quests, most likely you are going to kill more then one enemy at a time. Kill quests means that you get a body count of how many of that mob you killed you need to get to a certain number in order to complete the quests. It is much easier to get a group here because as long as anyone in the group kills that mob nearby you get the kill added also. Escort quests have constant mobs of enemies attacking you; unless you are a twink or higher then recommended level, get a group for this one.


Farming for money in small groups.

There are very good monetary reasons for grouping in WoW. With small groups, fighting mobs of enemies you can find more loot in a shorter amount of time. The only downfall is that who gets the items. But if you are playing with people you know then this shouldn't be that big of a problem. This is useful for power-leveling, if you have a 60 leveling you up, you are a lucky person.


Taking an instance in full group.

This is self-explanatory. If you have A LOT higher level then recommended you need a group to take on instances to fight all the elite mobs and bosses.


Farming raids for high-end content.

Once you reach 60 you are going to have to start doing raids for better equipment, raids are groups with 10-40 people. Better get yourself a good guild if you’re going to start this.

Safety in PvP-intense arenas (Hillsbrad, etc.)

Certain areas like Hillsbrad or Stranglethorn Vale are dominated by PVP where as you stay in those places and farm/do quests for a certain amount of time you are most likely going to get killed by the opposite faction sooner or later. With a group backing you up, there is a much smaller chance of them attacking you unless they are a group too or just a much higher level person.


To play with friends.

If you play World of Warcraft alone, some of the fun is lost within the game, if you know some friends who play, you can do everything in this game together making it a lot more fun and a lot less boring. Offline, you and your friends would have something to talk about and turn acquaintances you barely know into close friends.


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