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HealBot Continued

What it does:

- This AddOn allows for twenty key+mouse combinations to cast any beneficial spells
- It is ready for BC with decursive options, curing in Healbot has No Lag!
- HealBots looks can be changed & preferred looks can be saved as skins
- HealBot can display tanks/party/checked targets/extras in a raid, extras can be filtered and arranged.
- HealBot will range check outside instances precisely and has an option to twenty-seven yard range check in instances.
- Multiple HealBots in a party/raid sync incoming heals.
- HealBot will display an abort button when overhealing, the overhealing amount is adjustable.

For HealBot to work correctly, the Selfcast feature in wow options needs to be turned off.

Download Here

Version: 3.0.rc1

Slash Commands:

/hb options - open configuration menu
/hb x - initiate spells and equipment bonuses
/hb ver - Shows which versions of Healbot in raid/party
/hb reset - reset all data to defaults

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