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Healing Range Alpha 4.10

What it does:

Have you ever tried to heal in AQ40 when all raid members are constantly moving around? Do you heal in pvp? If so, you most likely have run into the problem of "Out of range." It's really frustrating! DPS classes don't have to worry about the range of 40 units, they only get to track 1 or 2. So to make life more managable, balance, and FAIR. Healing Range Alpha brings the 3D environment to raiding hp bars.

Download here

Alpha values per range are adjustable
Most unit selection/deselection sounds are disabled
(due to targeting methods)

Features and options:

/hra -- access the option menu

Enabled HRA -- turns on or off HRA updates

Auto-Targeting -- will target raid members and attempt to use a hotbar spell check.
This method will lag your system, but it's the only way to check for 40 yard range automatically.

Spell Hooking -- Hooks onto spell events. Upon a specific set of 40y healing spells, all raid members will get scanned. This is a fairly quick method, however you might get conflicting behavior with other mods due to target removal.

(ms) interval between checks -- You can change the spell auto-targeting method's frequency. Increase this value (around 400 should be fine) to delay spell checks & lessen system lag

slider bars
OOR -- Alpha value for units within sight, but outside of casting range (either 30 or 40)
OOS -- Alpha value for units out of sight (in a different zone)
40 yd. -- Alpha value for units within 40 yards. You need Spell Hooking or Auto-Targetting enabled for this to work
30 yd. -- Alpha value for units within 30 yards. This uses "CheckInteractDistance" for following

Find Heal Spell -- Scans all of your hotbars for a heal spell, which will be used for spell checks. Make sure you use this!

Find Attack Spell -- Scans all of your hotbars for autoattack, which will be used to suspend spell checks.

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