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What it does:

Hostelbar displays the cast bar of your enemies. The duration of the buffs they have gained. The cooldowns of some of their abilities plus the durations of debuffs on your targets.

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NOTE: This mod has not been updated by the author.

Version: 1.1038

There are four different types of timer bars: Cooldowns, Durations, Buffs and Casts:

Buffs - the duration of a buff on an enemy(eg You know when a warrior is immune to gouge)
Durations - the duration of debuffs on enemies. (self timers)
Cooldown - shows the cooldown of an enemie's spell (eg Blink cd so you know when not to stun)
Casts - replicates the casting bar of the enemy (eg So you know whats coming up next)

Options you can control :

- group bars under seperate anchors or under one anchor
- show titles for each category when there is a bar running
- show diminishing returns time plus stage of DR
- show how long you interrupted a school of magic (kick/counterspell)
- color the text of the bars to either: type of spell, class of spell, school of spell or white
- color the bars & bar backgrounds to either: class of spell ,type of spell, school of spell
- stop the bars belonging to a player when that player dies
- only show groups of bars that you want
- stop bars when the spell is cancelled (eg Ice Block)
- bars appear underneath their respective anchors
- control the background alpha of the bars
- control the scale of bars in each group
- toggle only parsing your target's spells
- stop all bars when you die
- run test bars
- Ability to toggle the registered events if you dont want certain events parsed (to save unnecessary processing)
- control which direction the bars will grow in (up or down)

You can comment out spells in the spells table if you do not want them tracked (its in the HostelBar-SpellsDB.lua)

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