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Igor's MassAuction

What it does:

This neat World of Warcraft mod adds a MassAuction tab in the auction window. This option lets you post up to 18 auctions with 1 click. Just select all the items you want to sell, set prices to your requirements, and press submit.

This mod is compatible with Auctioneer, WOWEcon and EasyAuction.

You can add items by Alt+clicking on them.

Once submitted, MassAuction will begin placing up your auctions as fast as possible.

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Version: 2.5.1


- Ability to place up to eighteen auctions at once.
- Nice display that lets you see and set the prices and times of all 18 auctions at once.
- Compatability with EasyAuction so the last price you sold something for comes up by itself (EasyAuction required for this option to function)
- Smart auction posting that posts as quick as possible in all conditions.
- Different pricing arrangements:
- Default - uses whatever price that shows up like in the main Auctions tab (including modifications from other mods)
- AllSamePrice - Change all items to be the same price, optionally taking into factor the number of items.
- Multiplier - sets the beginning price to be a multiple of the Vendor Price, the Buyout to be a multiple of the beginning price, or both.
- EasyAuction - Force using EasyAuction prices (the last price you posted that item for) Note: Requires EasyAuction mod
- You can see total deposit charge before posting (in dialog when you click Submit)
- Remembers the default duration you like to use for auctions

Igor's MassAuction - World of Warcraft mod

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