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Looto 1.5

What it does:

This World of Warcraft AddOn was created to track loot gained by group & raid members. Looto keeps track of the items each user has picked up and the amount of times that user has been seen picking up those items. A summary of the items picked up is shown in a table & the exact items picked up can be shown as well.

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NOTE: This Mod has not been updated by the author and might not work properly.

The data can be saved to pseudo-files & reloaded later on, either on the same character or on another. The data can also be exported to the clipboard in HTML or CSV (suitable for Excel) formats.

To Install:

Unzip files into the Interface/AddOns folder. Restart the game( or use "/script ReloadUI()"). For help, use the command, "/looto help".

Looto - World of Warcraft mod

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