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World of Warcraft Map mods

All WoW mods in this section are map related.

Mod name Description
MetaMap Adds numerous features to the World of Warcraft map
FlightMap Helpful addon for flights
AlphaMap A scalable, moveable and transparent WorldMap
Detached Minimap buttons Detach all your minimap buttons, allowing you to place them anywhere you want on your screen
Atlas Loot Enchanced A very useful plugin for AlphaMap or Atlas
MozzFullWorldMap Shows unexplored areas in a cool blue/green color
PartySpotter Highlights which players on the WorldMap are in your Party, and which are in your Raid Group
Atlas Quest Adds additional features to Atlas and Alpha Map
Rico Mini Map Adds good changes to the regular minimap
Atlas High Quality Map Pack Better looking maps than the default Atlas maps
Tracker Toggle Control your tracking spells with a helpful minimap menu
Imap Enables drag functionality for MiniMaps

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