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MetaHud v 20200-2

What it does:

This World of Warcraft addon adds a HUD to your UI, showing all the information normally displayed by the Player and Target frames plus much more.

Download here


All Bars are animated. Target PvP status.
Health/Mana Bars colour levels.
Self PvP status.
Shows Level, Name, Class and Elite/Boss, Pet, NPC.
Four Alpha Settings for: Combat/Target selected/No Target/Player is regging.
Four Displaymodes for Health/Mana.
Many positioning & Scaling Options.
Hide Blizzard Player/Targetframe.
Target Menu w/ Leftclick on Targetname.
Player Menu w/ Rightclick on Playername.
Castingbar w/ Cast-time.
Option to hide Petbars.
Option to hide Targetbars/Text.
Load-on-Demand configuration display.
Target's Target display - click to switch to that target.
Aggro alert - audible & visual warnings.
Status icons for Rested, Combat, Raid leader, and Loot Master.
Target distance display.
Support for Mobhealth, Mobinfo2, and Mobhealth2.
FlightMap support.
myAddons Support.
FuBar Support.

Metahud - World of Warcraft mod

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