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MobInfo-2, v3.44

What it does:

MobInfo-2 is a World of Warcraft AddOn that provides you with more useful information about Mobs (ie. opponents/monsters). It adds new info to the game's Tooltip when you hover with your mouse over a mob. It even adds a numerical display of the Mobs health plus mana (current and max) to the Mob target frame. MobInfo-2 is the continuation of the now abandoned 'MobInfo' by Dizzarian combined with the original 'MobHealth2' by Wyv.

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MobInfo-2 collects data whenever you fight a Mob. It starts off with a database with nothing in it but it fills up automatically the more you fight & play. The data it collects is used for enhancing the game tooltip & the game target frame. It's also made available to the other AddOns (mostly the mob/target health values). The amount of data that gets stored is configurable through the MobInfo options screen.

Class - class of mob
Health - current & total health of the mob
Mana - current & total mana of the mob
Empty Loots - # of times you found empty loot on the mob
XP - actual LAST xp amount you gained from the mob.
# to Level - The # of kills of this mob needed to gain a level
Quality - the quality of items that has been dropped by the mob
Cloth drops - the number of times cloth has been dropped on the mob
Average Coin Drop - The average amount of money dropped by the mob
Average Item Value - The average vendor value of items dropped by mob
Total Mob Value - the total sum of average coin drop & average item value
Damage - min/max damage range of Mob against you (stored per char)
DPS - your damage per second against the Mob (stored per char)
Kills - # of times you have killed the mob (stored per char)
Total Looted - # of times you have looted the mob
Loot Items - all looted items dropped by a Mob can be recorded
Mob Location - the place where you killed a Mob
Mob Resistances - the mobs magic resistances & immunities

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How to Install:

Before installing a (new) version of MobInfo it is VITAL that you exit and close World of Warcraft! Unpack the ZIP file & copy the folder 'MobInfo2' into your "World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns" folder. If asked, choose to overwrite existing files. If you already have an existing MobInfo database, it's a good idea to backup this database just so you have a backup copy in a save location. Also, you can find your MobInfo database here: 'World of Warcraft/WTF/ Account/<account_name> /SavedVariables/MobInfo2.lua'. Now you can again start WoW & enjoy the new MobInfo.

The mod will load automatically the next time you login using one of your characters. When starting the first time, you might get a message that a separate MobHealth AddOn was detected. If so, please delete it, or at least disable it. You will find that this is no longer needed, because MobInfo-2 is a full featured & fully compatible replacement for 'MobHealth'.

MobInfo Options Dialog

Type '/mi2' or '/mobinfo2' at the chat prompt to open MobInfo2 options dialog. This dialog gives you a fully interactive control over EVERYTHING that MobInfo can do. All the options take immediate effect. Just try them all out and play around with it. Decent defaults get set when you start MobInfo for the 1st time. Please note that the four main categories 'Tooltip', 'Mob Health/Mana', 'Database' & 'Search' have separate dedicated options pages within the options dialog. Everything within the options dialog has an associated help text that explains to you what the option does. The help texts are shown automatically as a tooltip.

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