World of warcraft mods

WoW Mod Problems?

Can't get a certain mod to work properly or having problem installing it?

The first thing you should do is try to find the author who created the mod and ask that person directly. You can start by going to the WOW Mod Authors Acknowledgment page and see if the Mod author's email address or homepage is listed.

The second option is to find a forum that can help you. Since this website doesn't have a forum. You can go to the WOW Interface forum for help. They have a big community who can assist you. And you might even find a smaller, more specific mod you were looking for that we don't carry. try to list only the best ones (The ones The Fallen Gods guild uses) so we don't have them all like WOW Interface or some of the bigger mod sites.

The third option is to ask Google!


Good luck.

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