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What it does:

MozzFullWorldMap adds a new checkbox in the upper left of the world map named 'Show Unexplored Areas'. Checking it will do just that. In default settings, the unexplored areas will appear in a cool blue/green color.

Download Here

Version: v3.14.20200


/mozzfullworldmap blue: unexplored places in a blue color
/mozzfullworldmap normal: unexplored areas in normal worldmap color
/mozzfullworldmap trans [0.0-1.0]: sets transparency, 0.0 is completely clear up to 1.0 which is 100% opaque.
/mfwm can also be used to access these commands.

This mod will work with AlphaMap, WorldMapFrame and MetaMap (you should disable MetaMapFWM if using this AddOn)


Unzip into the \WoW game directory. Make sure you have 'extract with pathnames' or the equivalent selected in your unzip program.

MozzFullWorldMap - World of Warcraft modMozzFullWorldMap2 - WOW Mod

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