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Mp3 Player

What it does:

As the name implies, it's an In-game mp3 player with playlist.
Ever want some music to pass the long griffin rides, or some tunes on the long journeys? Or perhaps just jam to your favorite songs when doing quests? Now you can, and quite easily!

Download Here

Version: 1.0.1

Its very easy to use and install. Place it in your addons directory as usual, and place your favorite mp3s in the mod folder, then run the included WOWmp3playerlister program, and run the game and use in 1 of 3 ways,

slash commands - key bindings - macros

This plugin shows all information in your chat window, such as the currently selected song, and other operations.

Slash Commands:


Please don't attempt to use with out placing mp3s in the Addons/Mp3Player/ directory and running the WOWmp3playerlister program. It will not work correctly.

Mp3 Player - World of Warcraft mod

Mp3 Player2 - WOW Mod

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