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What it does:

This World of Warcraft mod lets you view the contents of the mailboxes of all your characters anywhere in the world. When you open your mailbox, OfflineMail stores your current mails, including attachments and the time until the mail is returned or deleted. You can view this info from any of your characters without relogging or approaching a mailbox. A very useful tool.

Download Here

NOTE: Author has not updated this mod. It might not work properly with the current patch.


Opening & manipulating mails cannot be done from the OfflineMail view, you
need to use an actual mailbox for that.

To Use:

1. Log in with all characters and open your mailbox.
2. Type /om (or /offlinemail) and pick a character from the drop-down menu
at the top.
3.That's it!


Please view the README file in the archive for further documentation.

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