World of warcraft mods

World of Warcraft mods

Other World of Warcraft mods

WoW Mods that don't fit in any of the other categories is listed in this section.

Mod name Description
Looto Keep track of loot gained by group & raid members
Soundtrack Customize music for WOW!
EzDismount dismounts character when needed
Stop The Spam Blocks annoying addon loading messages
TTSpellTimer Display various debuff and timer related effects for spells and abilities
Level Range Shows level ranges on maps
Improved Error Frame Shows multiple errors & allows copying of error text
OfflineMail View the contents of the mailboxes of all your characters anywhere in the world
FriendFacts Displays friends level, class & location on the friends list
ZoneLevel Shows mob levels in a zone compare to yours
Cash Notify Shows how much spent & gained through chat
Fontabulous Changes your fonts in WoW
PriceMaster Records and displays the vendor prices items when you mouse over them.
Transmogrifier Change the icons of specific items to other icons
MP3 Player Play your favorite music while playing WOW

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